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Christmas Advent 2024

Christmas Advent 2024

This is a preorder of a yarn advent calendar.


Who loves a special surprise at Christmas?  Who actually gets a pleasant surprise at Christmas?  If you - like me - need to take your happiness into your own hands then this is how to do it!


I love seeing the expession of colour in our Urban city and town landscapes with street art.  The beautiful art adorning blank walls, which could otherwise be quite boring and oppressive, instead turn these spaces into inspiration for this years advent colourways.   You can choose either a set of 12 or 24 mini skeins, each 20g/80m of my most popular fingering weight bases.  You also have the option to add a 100g/425m full skein (or 2 or 3) of the main coordinating colourway which will be in the same base as the mini's.


I really have so much fun letting the colours flow with no restrictions and lets face it I do get a bit compulsive about colours..  A yarn advent is the perfect way for me to express this. 


This year I am again offering a choice of 12 or 24 mini skeins.  Each advent also contains a few little surprises and a special co-ordinating project bag. 


The Urban Art provides me with an palatte of pops of colour with a little of the bland industrial type colours to ground this range of mini skeins that will flow into each other so you can create a garment or accessory that will be the most reached for item in your wardrobe.


Options available are Super Sock (high twist), Deluxe Sock or Sparkle Sock base. 


Kits will be shipped in late November so they are all ready for you to unwrap daily as either the full month of December or as a 12 days of Christmas.



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